Mens Fast Pitch Classification

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  Committee Policy for 2018.
  (As of Jan. 23, 2016)

Note- At the 2015 ASA National Meeting, the council voted to combine Men's A, B, and C Fast Pitch into an 'Open Classification'. The polices below outline how Region 10 is adapting their Program to this change.

1. Participants have the right to appeal their classification to the National Classification Committee. The appeal should include as much information as possible.
2. Players listed on the Men's Fast Pitch Resricted List are ineligible to participate in the Men's Open Fast Pitch Classification.

3. Pitchers that live and work outside Region 14, who are unknown to the Region 14 Classification Committee will be rated Major until they submit a letter to the Region 14 Classification committee PRIOR to participating in championship play for a team in Region 14 each season. This letter must include team(s) played for, the level at which they played, and any statistics (team & individual) for the last three years.

4. The Classification Committee reserves the right to move a team and/or pitchers up during the season, no matter what berth they may have earned, as long as it is matched at the higher level.

5. Appeal Process- Please refer to the ASA Code.

6. Each local association determines how teams qualify for Nationals. Open division; teams from Northern California, Sacramento, Southern California, Central California, and San Francisco must have their roster approved by a representative as directed by their Commissioner. Roster freeze date for those associations will be July 15th or the deadline established by the National Tournament host.

7. The ASA Mens fastpitch restricted list is located at Players/Pitchers on this list may not play below Mens Major. Please refer to USA Softball Code and Procedural Manual for further info on Playing Men's Fastpitch.

Men’s Fastpitch Classification Committee

Name Contact
E-mail Name Contact E-mail
Anna Louie
415-350-8788 Tony Pehle 775-353-7836

Terry Horner 707-753-0823
Bob McCormick 661-549-3987 Sam Ducato 925-875-9496
Vince Franscona
Fred Williams
Paul Carleton
916-214-1374 Vanessa O'Laughlin
Mario Pereira


Minutes-Draft of the Regional Meeting. January 23, 2016

Roll Call- Sam Ducato (Chair), John Gouveia, Vanessa Woodmansee, Terry Horner, Paul Carleton,  Betsy Ito, and Bob McCormick.

Replied to meeting notice but unable to attend- Anna Louie, Tony Pehle, Vince Frascona, and Fred Williams.

Voting Proceedures- MSC(Gouveia/Carlton) to allow up to 2 votes per association.

Policy Sheet- The following revisions are to be made to the Committee Policies that appear on the website;

1.     Remove table with old pitcher and Team link pages.

2.     Add note at top concerning council action at 2015 National Meeting.

3.     Change all references of ‘Pitcher/Team’ to ‘participants’.

4.     Change ‘Region 14 Committee’ to ‘National Committee’ in #1.

5.     Change #2 to read ‘Players on the National Fast Pitch Restricted List must play at the Major level.

6.     Delete #3, #6, & #7.

7.     Reword #4, #8, & #9.

Changes to recommend to the National Committee as additions to the Major List;

1.     Antonio (Tony) Mancha, SoCal

2.     Patrick Burns, SoCal

3.     Jeff Farion, CenCal

4.     Sean Whitten, SoCal

5.     Rob Schweyer, CenCal

6.     Jeremy Tracy, CenCal

Reviewed Code Articles with refences to Men’s Fast Pitch.

No further meetings were scheduled and the committee will vote electronically on all requests from the National Committee. If so requested, a conference call will be scheduled.